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Jen's 2011 Annual Christmas Sale Post! \o/  

Hi guys! :D Boy, already that time of year again. Where did this year go, eh? Another meh Naru2U con has left me with many things, so, here's what I got left over! I have a few half-finished things I'll finish up and put up within the next week or so, so watch for those! And they're up!

And if there is anything I've made in the past that would interest you, I can often recreate things, so let me know! =D

Important Information!

(Aka the long, but necessary, wall of text.)

Payment: My top choice is Paypal for payment. (I will provide my paypal email privately.) I can also take international money orders. (Well, unless you're in Canada, then a normal one would be fine. XD lol)

I will totally hold things (and will mark items as such) and will note when they're sold in red. And you can just comment here (If you have no LJ account, no worries! You can comment with your failbook or twitter accounts too! Or Anon XD), pm me, or send me an email via my website! http://www.winddrifter.com/contact.html

Shipping for anything that'd fit through a 2cm slot is $3.00, sent in a padded envelope. Generally they take about a week or so, BUT we are heading towards the busiest mail time of the year, and mail seems to be slowing down in general lately, so things COULD take longer. In other words, I can't make any guarantees. :( (Especially after December 14th.) We have quicker shipping methods, but expect to have to pay more. (A lot more. DX)

However, for anything that won't fit through Canada Post's 2cm "slot of doom", will have to go either surface or air. That can range from $6.00-$10.00 (usually I get a rate around $6-8 surface $8-10 air. Surface is 6-12 business days, air 4-10, supposedly anyways. lol Surface is probably the best choice still.) Within Canada it would be $8.00-$10.00 ...Yeah, it's more expensive to ship a package across Canada. It makes NO SENSE, I know. :(

If you're outside of Canada and the US, let me know where you are and I'll see what Canada Post's rate finder says. :3

::Important Note:: When I'm sending from Canada to the US there is ALWAYS a chance of customs trying to charge some kinda duty. It hasn't happened yet to anything I've mailed before, however, but there is always a first time for these things. I always make sure to note items are handmade etc.

Concerning necklaces and bracelets: If you aren't sure if something will fit, check the length of something you wear that does fit how you like it, and let me know. I can easily adjust any of these to any size! For average necklaces sizes see this.

Concerning earrings: My earring hooks are generally silver plate or what I sadly suspect might be a nickel plating. Also gold is brass and and copper is... I think copper plate. BUT I have several pairs of actual sterling silver hooks I can switch on, but will bring price of an earring up to $10. I also have some nickel-free surgical stainless steel hooks, but they are slightly smaller than standard hooks, but those are an option too.

About my metals: I try to use as little nickel as I can, but unfortunately it is difficult to avoid sometimes, especially when it comes to findings. (Clasps and bead head-pins being the worst culprits.) If you have a metal allergy, please let me know! Because I can alter many of these to be nickel-free!

My main two metals are: bright aluminum which is different from normal aluminium; it has next to no black rub off from oxidization. They will go dingy after awhile however, but soap and water is all it takes to shine it up again! The other is anodized (coloured) aluminium. It's coating is pretty tough, but it can wear down a little with constant wear and it can be scratched with pliers and the like, but I've found it to be generally more resilient than even silver plating.

You'll also see me make use of the following metals:

Copper is, well, copper and brass is brass. They will lose their shine through oxidization, and if you wear it tight on your wrist and sweat, it will turn green. (But I have no problem with my copper bracelet that I wear lose) All it takes to make your copper and brass shine again is a small amount of, believe it or not, ketchup! Yes, just a dolup of that in your palm to coat the piece, then wash it off a minute later will make any copper/bronze/brass bright and shiny. When not wearing them, storing them in a plastic zip lock bag will slow the oxidization. Titanium is pretty well hypo-allergenic but does have a small percent of aluminium in it. It also comes with a interesting type of anodizing. And lastly, niobium, an excellent and more affordable alternative to sterling. (Cause, my goodness, silver prices have SHOT through the roof.) It's very hypo-allergenic and the anodizing is simply AMAZING.

Pretty much all my rings and wire (but for some of my copper and some brass) come from http://www.theringlord.com and I can get other kinds of metal rings if requested to. Some of my oldest jewellery is machine cut from him. There's a slight notch in the rings, but they're barely noticeable. Most items I make now, however, are saw cut, giving them lovely, flush closures.

If you have any questions about sizes or customization or, well, ANYTHING, ask away. :3 I'm more than willing to tweak any of these to your specifications and needs!

Tsumami Kanzashi

These three kanzashi were made with real habutai (or habotai) silk, which is what kanzashi are traditionally made with.

$30 Wisteria - Possibly most time consuming/fanciest kanzashi I've made yet. It is made entirely of the habutai. The middle fall is slightly darker than the two side ones, due to having been made at a slightly later date, but it still works imho. A large image is here.

$16 A white and pink tipped hair pin.

$18 A lily like flower attached to a clip.

A little bit of holly! This cute lil' kanzashi is attached to a small hair pin. It's attached with wire, glue and thread, so the back isn't super pretty, but it's not going any where. $6

A larger (2 1/2~") barrette (the bendy/snap kind) for someone with longer hair. $7

A dark peach flower made of very high quality satin. It's fairly light, so attached to a smaller (1 1/2~") clip. $6.50

These two are made with a cheerful polkadot and lady bug print cotton. Attached to barrettes. (2 1/2~") $5 each

$15 Kanzashi attached to a hand sanded/painted/sealed hair stick.

Hold: [livejournal.com profile] isonen

$12 Kanzashi attached to a hand sanded/painted/sealed hair stick.

Hold: [livejournal.com profile] isonen

$10 Pink kanzashi attached to a large 3" clip

$8 Kanzashi (My apologies for the dust/hairs...I don't even know where they came from, cause I can't see them on the Kanzashi when I look at them in person at all. o.Oa ) These are attached to a to a, roughly, 2" clip.

On Hold: ([livejournal.com profile] shadowdancer09)

Also the green/cream and blue/green one from this picture are available. (They were hiding on me when I photo'd the ones above)

$5 Kanzashi:



Ice Queen Necklace $25 (Large and a close up.) Min size approx. 14" to a max of 16.5"

Pale Green Necklace $25 (Large and a close up. Min size approx. 14" to a max of 17"

Snowflake Necklace $25 Min size approx. 15" to a max of 17.5"

Full Persian Silver and Purple $20 Size approx. 16.5"
Hold - [livejournal.com profile] isonen

Pink Glass bead brass ring drop necklace $20 Min size approx. 13.5" to a max of 15.25"

Purple Bead drop necklace $20 Min size approx. 14" to a max of 16.75"

Ice Princess drop necklace $20 Min size approx. 15" to a max of 17"

Titanium shaggy necklace $10 Size approx. 16.25"

Blue "Romanov" Bracelet $16 Size approx. 7"

Lilac 3-in-1 Half Persian $12 Size approx. 8"

Silver and Blue Byzantine $14 (By silver I mean bright aluminium) Size approx. 8"

Lilac and Pearls $12 Size approx. 8"

Brass and Niobium $16 Size approx. 7.5"

Chunky Byzantine $12 Size approx. 7.5"

Byzantine and square beads $10 Size approx. 7.5"

Ice Dragonscale (Work in progress!) $30-25 (depends on length wanted) (Remember this? Well, this new bracelet will be like that one, except this one is full out Dragonscale. LOTS of rings. All the small rings I'm hand cutting myself. ...hence why this is a work in progress and I'm taking a break after pissing my hand off yesterday. Can't wait for my jeweller's saw to arrive. lol)

Christmas Ornaments - $6 Each All Sold (More can be made upon request, however~!)

Earrings - $5 for a pair The purple ones are Sold.

Scale Flower Kanzashi - $12 Each (Other colours available on request!)

Scale Flower Barrettes - $5 Each (other colours available on request!)

Other Jewelry

Copper Ear Cuffs! - $10 Each Made to fit on your ear... or your pretend ear. No holes required! Copper is soft, so the cuff can easily be adjusted to fit.

Tree of Life / Mana Tree / Whatever you wanna call them necklaces. :D - $15 Each

These are currently on coated wire necklaces with screw clasps that are about 18" long. I can size them to be any smaller size as requested. (I find they're a little too long for my skinny neck.) I also have some cord with findings and some pure copper chain as alternative choices! Not sure what length you'd want? See this for average necklace sizes.

Most of these pendants are about the size of or a little larger than a twoonie. (The dual-colour coin = twoonie. Canadian quarters are pretty much same size as a US coin.)

Brass and glass purple "rock" chips beads:

Copper and blue glass "rock" chip beads:
On Hold: (Rue~)

Also Copper and blue glass "rock" chip beads:

The thick copper of this was relieved from some old coated wiring. Gogo recycling! The beads are aventurine rock chips.

This one is larger than the others, about an 1 1/2 wide. More recycled copper and some lovely clear quartz rock chips. It'd look nice on a long copper chain, imho. (The chain it's on is not yet sized.) :3 $20
Hold: By [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 on behalf of another

I have two more copper circles prepared, so I can make at least two more of these on request.

Art Related Things

Various Cellphone Charms! $5 Each Multiples of most of these in stock, except Princess Tutu, the Katamari, and... the putty that isn't pictured here. (See last year's post) as they were hand drawn.

Made with printable shrinky dinks and sealed with spray sealer to help protect them. (Though playing with idea coating them with embossing powder like my Wayfinders are... it just makes the white a lil' more yellowish. :/a But it's WAY more lasting, so if you'd like me to do this, lemme know. :) )
Holds: Laharl and a Star Sybil [livejournal.com profile] shadowdancer09

Wayfinder Charms! $5 and $6 for the three-charm one. (I have several of each in stock, and 4 available of the long one currently.) These are coated in clear embossing powder to keep them super sealed. (You can see the coating a bit easier here)
Holds: 1 Three Charm - [livejournal.com profile] shadowdancer09, 1 Three charm [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7

Earrings! Cause, why not? $5 for a pair. The wayfinders can't be sent in a package as the hook won't lay flat unless I add couple rings.... which I could do, but I was worried then they'd be too long. lol BUT if long earrings are liked, rings can be added.
Holds: Terra and Aqua earrings [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7

New designs! Bookmarks $2 each (old ones available too)

I still have prints of most stuff in my DeviantArt if anyone is interested. Usually sold for $8, on sale for $6!

My Little Pony Scarfs

When I first thought of this idea, little did I know how popular they would be. ^.^;;; Guess I shoulda known though. XD

The prototype Rarity scarf was about 4' long, made with acyclic yarn. Knitted on the round (meaning, a tube!) has no wrong side as such, and is very nice and thick.

Here's the Rarity scarf (already sold!):

I have two on their way to being completed. Rainbow Dash's is completed (and now spoken for), and pictured here sans cutie mark, as I am working on embroidering it. It's longer and narrower than the Rarity one, as I felt somehow it suited RD. XD The yarn itself is actually a baby yarn so it is very, very soft. Any future RD scarfs, however, will not be knitted like this, as it took A VERY LONG TIME. Very small stitches. My hands/wrists/shoulder wanted to kill me.

I also have almost completed the scarf for Fluttershy, which is pretty much the model I'm planning to use for all future scarfs. A little longer and narrower than the prototype, but not as much as the RD one.

I'm selling these for $35 a piece. Why that much? Time. I'm not a knitting machine. (Though, man I'd love to own one. XD) These take many, many hours of work. D: There's also hand embroidery involved! So, yes. ^.^

I have a request for a Rarity scarf that is taking priority. I do have yarn for Pinkie Pie and a Twilight scarf, but with only a couple weeks of knitting before the will-arrive-before-christmas cut off, I'm not sure I'll be able to complete more than one before Christmas, I'm sad to admit. ;A; (I have to go a bit careful, as my hand/wrist/shoulder...arm has been acting up a bit from so much knitting lately, derp. I am, however, keeping an eye out for my knitting loom... if I can figure out what I did with it, I might be able to knit some on that... since it doesn't involve the same wrist motions.)

However, if no one is in a rush to get one before Christmas... Pinkie and Twilight are up for future grabs, and I can prolly commit to a couple others, but it could be well into next year at this point. (Unless anyone is interested in a single sided, not-a-tube version! That would cut the knitting time in half.)


- Rarity - SOLD - [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7
- Rainbow Dash - HOLD - [livejournal.com profile] travitaemorte
- Fluttershy - Unclaimed! (Photos soon~!)
- 2nd Rarity - Commissioned by Rue
- Pinkie Pie - Unclaimed (Completion likely after Christmas/New Year)
- Twilight Sparkle - Unclaimed (Completion likely after January/February)


This is my friend Nicole's Etsy! Check it out! She just had to have some major dental work done, plus school continues to make her poor, so could really use some sales.

And my friend Kia ([livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7) is selling Pokemon bill folds if any are interested! Check em' out here.

(If anyone would like to exchange sale post links or something, ask away, cause I'll likely say yes. ^_^/)
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CLARIFICATION AND EDIT TIME Because I am horrible at making up my mind for too terribly long. What else is new?

I want to drop my hold on the mana tree.
For wayfinders, I'd like one of the three-charm ones.
For earrings, Terra's and Aqua's please. (I may come tearing back here tomorrow to lay claim to Ven's as well, but for now, those two.)

Thankyew :D