kiaxet: (Utter Confusion (Flonne))
Kiaxet ([personal profile] kiaxet) wrote on November 6th, 2009 at 05:02 am
/picky picky picky |D
UM you already know what I want so far |D

I would like to do a commission, please~ Remember the pink rings and pearls bracelet and earrings you made me? Can you do two more sets, with one of the sets of earrings as clipons? |D

So far as the size of the bracelet I'm buying goes, if you could make it about as long as or a bit shorter than the pink rings and pearls bracelet, that would be perfect. :3

I am also debating getting the pink and silver bracelet right above the bottom left one and/or one of hte pairs of silver earrings. I am less than decisive but I shall get back to you |Db
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