([identity profile] wrote on November 22nd, 2010 at 07:21 am
Done and Done!
Alright! Sounds great!

I believe the total that I sent was for $32.00:

12.00 for the new kansashi
5.00 for the red kansashi (which I just now realized is actually 6, so I'll send you another dollar...sorry about that!)
15.00 for the wayfinders (Again, sorry for the trouble. But I'm more than happy to wait for the second batch. Not sure how much shipping will be when that time comes around. Just keep me updated and I'll be more than happy to send over the funds for that as well).

As for the kansashis, splitting the shipping sounds great. I asked her about it and she's fine with it.

Again, thanks so much for doing this (and sorry if ordering the wayfinders has caused any trouble! My apologies!) Looking forward to getting these, I'm sure they're going to make a few friends very happy this christmas :)
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