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That time of year again...

Jen's Annual Christmas Sale Thing!

Important Information!

Hello again everyone! :) Once more I'm gonna try to pawn off some things see if can't make a few of these things disappear. ^.^b I have a lot of left over things this year as Naru2U went... poorly, to say the least. DX orz

Payment: My top choice is Paypal for payment. I can also take international money orders. (Well, unless you're in Canada, then a normal one would be fine. XD lol) Or possibly very well hidden cash. Checks and stuff get... complicated. D:

I'm willing to hold things (and will mark items as such) and will note when they're sold in red. And you can just comment here (If you have no LJ account, no worries! You can comment with your failbook or twitter accounts too! Or Anon XD), pm me, or send me an email via my website!

Shipping for most items here is $3.00, sent in a padded envelope. Generally they take about a week, as proven by a packages sent that have been sent off to California and arriving exactly a week later. Somewhere closer to Ontario will obviously should, in theory, take less time. XD BUT we are heading towards the busiest mail time of the year. Things COULD take longer. We have quicker shipping methods, but expect to have to pay more. (A lot more. DX)

However, for anything that won't fit through Canada Post's 2cm "slot of doom", (namely armwarmers and kanzashi) will have to go either surface or air. That can range from $6.00-$8.00 (usually I get a rate around $6-7 surface $7-8 air Surface is 6-12 business days, air 4-10, supposedly anyways. lol Surface is probably the best choice still.) Within Canada it would be $8.00-$10.00 ...Yeah, it's more expensive to ship a package across Canada. It makes NO SENSE, I know. :(

If you're outside of Canada and the US, let me know where you are and I'll see what Canada Post's rate finder says. :3

Importantish Note:: When I'm sending from Canada to the US there is ALWAYS a chance of customs trying to charge some kinda duty. It hasn't happened yet to anything I've mailed before, however, but there is always a first time for these things. I always make sure to note items are handmade etc.

Concerning jewelry: If you aren't sure if something will fit, check the length of something you wear that does fit how you like it, and let me know. I'll check length and can easily adjust most of these. My earring hooks are generally silver plate or what I sadly suspect might be a nickel plating. Also gold is brass and and copper is... I think copper plate. BUT I have two pairs of actual sterling hooks I can switch on, but will bring price of them up to $10 (from $6). I also have some nickel-free surgical stainless steel hooks, but they are slightly smaller than standard hooks. (I'll photo these all asap.)

About my metals: I try to use as little nickel as I can, but unfortunately it is difficult to avoid sometimes when it comes to findings. If you have a metal allergy, let me know! Because I'll see what I can do to eliminate all nickel I can!

Bright aluminum is not normal aluminum. It has next to no dirty rub off from oxidization. They will go dingy after awhile however, but soap and water is all it takes to shine it again. The anodized (coloured) ones coating is pretty tough, but it can wear down a little, but takes constant wear from my experience. It can be scratched with like pliers, but yeah. Mostly it's pretty tough. Titanium is pretty well allergenic but does have a small percent of aluminum in it. Copper is, well, copper. It will lose it's shine, and if you wear it tight on your wrist and sweat, it will turn green. (But I have no prob with my copper bracelet that I wear lose) A small amount of, believe it or not, ketchup will shine it right up. :D

Pretty much all my rings and wire (but for copper) come from and I can get other kinds of metal rings if requested to. some of my older jewelry is machine cut from him. There's a slight notch in the rings, but barely noticeable. My newer pieces, however, are saw cut, meaning their openings are flush. They're lovely. *A*

If you have any questions about sizes or customization or, well, ANYTHING, ask away. :3

New Items!

Because I just can't stop crafting. lol

A blue lily tsumami kanzashi on a 2" clip $12.00 Sold!


Unless stated otherwise, most pieces here are either bright and/or anodized aluminum.

Amethyst coloured bead necklace $25.00

Blue Drop Necklace $30.00 (On Hold)

Jewelers Brass with Pink Glass Beads $30.00

Star Necklace $30.00

Shaggy Loop titanium necklace $12.00

Ice Princess Necklace $25

Titanium Necklace $35.00

Multi-Point Necklace with Blue Drops $30.00

Purple Necklace with Black Chain and Drops (Perfect for a future Halloween?!) - Anodized Aluminum $30.00

Byzantine and Square Bead Bracelet $12.00

Blue and Pink Beaded Shaggy Loop Bracelet $15.00

Smaller Ring Byzantine Bracelet $15.00 (On Hold)

Chunky Byzantine Bracelet $12.00

Dragontail Bracelet $10.00

Blue Beaded Shaggy Loops Bracelet $15.00

4 in 1 Half Persian Bracelet $12.00

Jewelers Brass and Anodized Niobium Rings Bracelet $18.00

Wyrvernscale Bracelet $20.00

Snowflake Ornaments $6

Knitting Stitch Markers $.50 each or 5 for $2.00 (5 On Hold and another 5 on Hold)

Larger image here.

Chainmail Earrings: $6.00



C: Sold!





(Thanks for the help, Sora. ;) )

Lace-up Arm Warmers

All knitted with Bernat satin 100% acrylic yarn. Best handwashed to avoid pilling. This yarn is very soft and the laces are ribbons. Other colours are available. (light Purple, light blue, cartreuse, aqua, white, pink, wine red and some wider violet.)

Cream with thumb $18.00

Long Black $16.00

Shorter Black $14.00

(Other ribbon colours for laces are available!)

Tsumami Kanzashi

Folded fabric flowers is a technique created by the Japanese for the creation of beautiful hair ornaments usually worn by maiko. Real ones are made with habutai silk and rice glue... these are very not. Satin, satin ribbon and hot glue at what I use, lol. So not authentic, but still pretty to look at and much more durable for everyday wear.

Blue Cotton Fabric on a pin $8.00

Cotton Polka-dot Print on a pin $6

Satin Ribbon and Cotton Print on 3" clip $10

Purple and Cream Satin Ribbon on 2" clip $8 On Hold

Red and White Satin on a 2" clip $8 Sold!

Dark Cotton Print on custom created hair fork $6

Kanzashi that mostly just need to be placed onto clips: (Two cotton pink dot ones, the large center patterned and cream one and the 12 petal blue are On Hold)

As you can see, I have lots more material to make more! And if you're looking for a specific colour, I can easily get the ribbon to make them custom! :)b

Cellphone Charms

Shrinky Dink Printed Charms $5.00ea (1 Flonne On Hold)

Hand drawn/coloured Shrinky Dink Charms $5.00ea (Colour cords also available.)

I have lots more printed charms. I can change the cord colours and add bells! I even have various ring colours. SO, basically, you can design your cell charm and I can put it together however you like! XDb

Wayfinder Cell Charms $5.00ea (One set of three On Hold and one set Sold! There is still one of Ven's left.

More are going to be made! 1 Order for a full set of three, and for one more Aqua. A Stitch wayfinder might be on the way soon too!


Wayfinder 2"ish Ornaments: $6.00ea (Two Available; Blue one is free to anyone who buys either of the other two, as it is too misshapen to sell. :( )

Santa Prinny Ornaments: $6.00ea (Yellow Bell one On Hold)


Limited Edition WIP Aqua Mini Prints $4.00
(I printed only a small amount of these for the convention... and didn't sell one. ;-; I spent almost 2 days working on it so far. This is a chance for a closeup on the details of the face the final print won't likely have.)

Laminated Bookmarks $2.50

Prints of many pictures seen on my Deviantart are also available! Printed on matte photopaper, I'm having a sale of $6 for a print!

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linked here from [ profile] yamikonumber7. (:

I'm interested in the stitch markers (lmfao I actually had a knitting project in my hands while this page loaded) and the blue drop necklace for $30-- is the necklace choker length?

You can also add me to your list of demand for the Wayfinder cell phone charms, if you're thinking about making more.

[identity profile] 2010-11-18 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi there! :) Ah ha... It was probably hard to miss! X3 Kia and her sparkles. lol

Oooo okay! :D Uh, any particular number and colours of the markers? (lol nice! Whatcha knitting?)

And the necklace is adjustable so it can be tighter or loser... currently on a somewhat smaller neck, it sits lower choker style... like just where the neck meets shoulder. It's about 14.5" at it's smallest. I'm happy to custom size it to whatever will work for you. ^.^b

As for the wayfinders, the lower four in the picture still aren't spoken for. (Terra's there is a titch smaller than the others for some reason...) If you're considering for the future though, I can definitely add you to the list. :D You're the first thus far (other than the holder of three of them), but Kia thinks they might prove popular. XD

[identity profile] 2010-11-19 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, the sparkles are what prompted me to click. 8DDD

For the stitch markers, a set of five would be perfect! I'm not picky about the colors; I'll take whatever you've got.

The necklace would be for my mom, and I'm pretty sure that would work just fine; she's on the petite side. Is it possible to add one more loop in the chain to hook on, just to be safe? I'd be willing to pay extra if need be.

And-- awww yeah, I'll totally take the Wayfinders you have left. 8DD

[identity profile] 2010-11-19 03:28 am (UTC)(link)

Okay =D I will give you a good selection of colours then. :3

Absolutely! I can do that. And, no need for anything extra at all. :)

Oho~ :D You want the set of the three colours then? (I have one of Terra's, and one of Aqua's and two left of Ven's)

[identity profile] 2010-11-23 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Gah, I apologize for getting back to you so late! Crazy past few days. (:

If they're still there, I'm perfectly fine with just one of each-- what do I owe you?

[identity profile] 2010-11-23 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Bah, no worries! :) I know how it goes.

Yep! I held them for you. :D

Let's see... Necklace $30, Wayfinders $15 and knitting markers for $2... shipping will be $3... for... a perfectly even $50 That doesn't happen too often. XD

That sound okay? ^.^

[identity profile] 2010-11-28 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Sounds perfect! What's your e-mail/paypal? /unless I'm missing it somewhere on your post, ffffff

[identity profile] 2010-11-29 09:30 am (UTC)(link)
I'll pm it to you here. :D Keeping it off the post cause I try to avoid getting spam like the plague. XD

[identity profile] 2010-12-10 08:16 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I just wanted to check if you'd gotten my PM? :oa Thought I better check since I'm sending out packages tomorrow...