19 November 2008 @ 09:39 pm
Jen's Super Spectacular Christmas Sale Thing!!!  
This is your chance to get some of the things I usually only sell at conventions!

This page is image heavy, so I apologize for loading times.


Prices: Since mostly my f-list is in the States, I'm just going to give prices in US. (If any Can's are interested, drop me a PM or IM on aim or something. :3)

Payment: My top choice is Paypal for payment, but I can also take international money orders. (Well, unless you're in canada, then a normal one would be fine. XD lol) Or possibly very well hidden cash. Checks and stuff get... complicated. D:

I'm willing to hold things, and will note when they're sold in like.. red font or something. And you can just comment here, or pm me, email, AIM, MSN.. take your pick. XD

Shipping is generally only a few dollars through Canada post, but I'll try to check into that shortly for more exact numbers. USUALLY though $3-4 covers prints and jewelry.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I'm dumb and forgot to cover this: Because I'm sending from Canada to the US there is a chance that some kinda duty might get charged on anything I send down there. I'm not sure. @__@ I don't remember any of my art I've sent before getting charged however. I know sometimes you can put gift on the box, but you aren't really MEANT to... uh.. ANYHOO, JUST BIG FYI. I doubt with handcrafted jewelry though that they'd hit... Wait. I sent Kia a necklace before... I'll check with her how that went. (I don't recall her getting charged...)

Concerning jewelry: If you aren't sure if something will fit, check the length of something you wear that does fit, and let me know. I'll check length and can easily adjust any of these. And with the earrings they mostly are nickel or what I THINK is silver plated earrings. But I have one pair (currently, I can possibly get more) of actual sterling hooks I can switch on, but will bring price of them up to $8.

About my metals - I try to use as little nickel as I can, but unfortunately it is difficult to avoid sometimes. Bright aluminum is not normal aluminum. It has no dirty rub off. They will go dingy however, but soap and water do wonders. The anodized ones coating is pretty tough, but it can wear down a little, but takes constant wear from my experience. It can be scratched with like pliers, but yeah. Mostly it's pretty tough. The stainless steel is heavier than Al (obviously) and does contain I think it was 6% Nickel. Not much, however. Titanium is pretty well allergenic but does have a small percent of aluminum in it. Copper is, well, copper. It will lose it's shine, and if you wear it tight on your wrist and sweat, it will turn green. (But I have no prob with my copper bracelet that I wear lose) A small ammount of, believe it or not, ketchup will shine it right up.

Pretty much all my rings and wire (but for copper) come from http://www.theringlord.com and I can get other kinds of metal rings at request.

ALSO it's possible I can recreate a lot of my older creations. Just ask! :)


(Click for large image)

A - Wire necklace with assumably nickel findings. Adjustable. Rings are, however, titanium. $10
B - Bright aluminum necklace. Brownish-grey beads. $18 Hold
C - Brown anodized aluminum rings, with a few copper rings and a copper plated finding. Large shell disc bead(has a more brown pattern on the other side of the disc) $23
D - Stainless rings, small rings and hook are bright al, pin and bead findings nickel. "Oil" coloured beads. (or whatever they're called lol) $32
E - Bright aluminum rings and hook, nickel pins. Beads are a pale blue-green colour. $23 Sold
F - All Bright aluminum rings and hook. $23
G - Bright aluminum rings, and I think even the wire through the beads was, but I could be wrong. (Had this one for awhile now lol) $20 On Hold

(Click for large image)

A - Stars or snowflakes! Wear em' as a necklace, hang off your bag, or even put on your christmas tree! Made from bright and anodized aluminum rings. $6 each.
B - Byzantine bracelet! Made from bright aluminum rings that I wound and cut myself. $15
C - A weave called dragon tail, made from two sizes of rings. Bright al and anodized. (This ones a bit small, so I can definitely increase it's size) $10
D - A smooth, flat weave called 4 in 1 half persian. All bright al. $12
E - A butterfly 4 in 1 euro weave between faux pearl beads. Trying to use up some old nickel rings. They are a kind of black colour. $10
F - A tight byzantine weave in copper rings with those black-oil-whatever beads in between with copper plated clasp. $8
G - Star pendants! Hang em' on a cord or chain or anything really. Made from al rings like usual. $4 each.
H - Something called a Tetra-sphere. Made from titanium and the pink one is anodized titanium! $3 each.
I - Wire wrapped tumbled rocks. I have a rock tumber (somewhere) and tumbled way too many rocks. lol Craft wire wrapped ones are $1 each. Copper wrapped ones are $2 each.
J - Cell phone charms! :O $6 each. (Treble clef one is Sold)
K - Earrings! Copper and anodized brown rings have copper plated hoops, plated silver rings have a making silver plate hooks, gold earrings have brass hooks and the other two in purple just have nickel ones on them. I can switch around hooks easily if allergies are an issue. $5 each, $8 each if switched to sterling hooks. (Brown w/shell beads and silver ring pair are Sold)

Also this is how the clusters hang since someone asked. :)


Partial dragonscale bracelet. Or, poor persons dragonscale. >.> Usually dragonscale has more little rings, but it was going to use too many and my big rings are a titch too tight... it was so stiff. ;A; Hence only two rows of small rings. I think it still works well though. :D Here's a larger photo of it and my ugly arm wearing it. It's a little over 8" long, but because it's thick, it fits around the wrist about at 7 1/2". Price - $20 (It has over 300 rings!)

More chainmail to come in coming weeks!

Bookmarks, Magnets and Prints!

Magnets - $6 each. They're cardstock on a full magnet back, but ACTUAL art are on these. One of a kind!
Bookmarks - My last D1 Etna and Laharl below the red moon. Not making any more after these are gone. Still have a couple of Flonne, and will make more till I finish the new Flonne I'm working on. All are printed on matte photopaper and laminated. $2 each.

Prints! (Below) $6 each! (unless specified otherwise below) They're printed on a smooth, bright white matte photo paper by Canon, and printed with a Canon printer using Chromalife100 ink. The ink should remain lightfast for 100 years as long as kept out of direct sunlight, and protected if in a folder or behind glass. :|b

Pram is on sale for $4

Inuyasha vs Ranma is on sale for $4

Anthropomorphic prints... Yes, I drew furry back in the day, and I'm not ashamed of it. :| Some of these are pretty old, lol. The egyptian, greek, and witch cat are $6 each. The tiger in purple, prom leopard and snow leopard on the moon are... really old. And are $3 each. The rest, not mention are $4.


I made a crap load of these few years back. Eh... just offer if you're somehow interested. I'm thinking just couple dollar's at most.

By Request!

This is where I list stuff I have made and things that I could potentially make again, or something similar... or something using the same talents that went into these. I'm super crafty and do a lot of things, you see. XD I'd only have a certain amount of slots before Christmas, but it IS quite possible.

Chainmail dice bags! - These use a lot of rings, so I don't generally make them, but I do have a fair stock of bright al right now, so I could be possibly persuaded! I can make any size! Depending on that they could be anywhere from $5 to $20. Depends on just how big.

Knitting! - Particularly: Harry Potter scarves. :D I get stopped all over the place because of my scarf (even by those who don't realize it's meant to be a HP scarf!), and everyone I've made one for also has stories of being stopped. XD I've made every one, but Hufflepuff. They're the full length, with exact ammount of stripes. Hung around the back of your neck, if you're 5'ish, it'll hit the floor. These scarfs are LONG. They're knitted on circular needles, so are double thickness, and I use Bernat satin yarn. So it's soft, not itchy, and just nice. XD (But with heavy use it will pill a LITTLE, but that's to be expected with acrylic yarn) Because these suckers take a fair bit of knitting and yarn. $50 is the kinda amount I'd want for one. But you won't be disappointed. ♥ Examples: Three types! (Light red, dark red and a Slytherin.) Close up! (I love the silver! It's actually called Sterling!) My first one (This was a different, thicker yarn.) Row modeling the first one (Even with this one, you can get an idea of how long they are! And hers wasn't quite full length I think... Yeah it was short by 2 stripes.)

I've also been working on a Doctor Who scarf. I have to restart mine, alas. (I started at the wrong end of the pattern.. don't ask. ;A;) I... have no idea how I'd even BEGIN to price that though. (A mini version (not as wide nor long) could be possible and affordable though!)

I also crochet. I love making pouches for cellphones and the like. I double those with crochet and knitting. My mp3 and cellphone have VERY few scratches thanks to them.

Stuffies - I've made quite a few of these now, but they're usually one offs, made with just whatever scraps I can find. (I'm meant to be making a second Rinrin actually, but been having problems finding suitable dress fabric! The felt I had I pretty well used up on the first one, ack. DX) I've done the Mod Soul trio and Mocha the Putty! I also have a almost completed Harle, just... never taken a pic of her, oops. I should. I'm also crocheting a Laharl.

Cosplay related things! - I love working with model magic by Crayola. It's how I make many of my cosplay items, so if there's something you're having trouble making, I might be able to help? :O

Eh, and just to toss out there, I do quilting and also I like painting boxes. I actually have one much like that one I was on and off trying to sell, and couple smaller half painted ones too...

Oh... right. AND I CAN DRAW OR SOMETHING. \(O_o)/ I have a few commissions to work on this week, but in coming weeks, I might have slots open there.

SO. There you have it. If anyone would SOMEHOW be interested in any of these, uh... talents? Ask away. XD
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Kiaxet: Snow Golden Tree[personal profile] kiaxet on November 20th, 2008 10:45 am (UTC)
Okaaaaay so we have my crazy commissions pertaining to Necklace A and Bracelet E, the treble clef cell phone charm, a prinny bookmark, and a Kenshin bookmark, for a grand total of $30. Can I get back to you with my other off-the-wall commission?

My roomie was very impressed with your artwork, BTW. She wants to know why you're not professional.
[identity profile] nalina.livejournal.com on November 20th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
Okie dokie! o/ Sounds good. :D

And... I already kinda replied to that in IM. ^^ ♥
[identity profile] tafkae.livejournal.com on November 20th, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
It occurs to me suddenly that I had never seen a full-body pic of Pram before this and what is she smuggling in that dress?

Aaaand I am interested in earrings I think. :> Particularly the ones immediately to the left of the K, and then the ones just northwest of those, as well. Together they'd be $10, right?
[identity profile] meteor-impact.livejournal.com on November 20th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
If I'm not muddling my left and right etc. you mean the silver ring pair and the brown ring with shell beads pair? :)

And yes, together they'd be $10 ^_^

And lol re: Pram ...You haven't? Wow XD; Yeah, that's Pram. XD; I wanna cosplay her one day. It's a fun dress. Ah... There's not chibi her (http://www.nisamerica.com/games/MK/images/puramu-main.gif) XD

Edited 2008-11-20 11:36 pm (UTC)
[identity profile] tafkae.livejournal.com on November 21st, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Yep, those are the ones! So how would I go about purchasing them?

... I feel like hanging Pram onto a Christmas tree for some reason :o
[identity profile] nalina.livejournal.com on November 21st, 2008 04:06 am (UTC)
Well, I just updated up there since payment info etc. apparently got buried. XD I has paypal and can take international moneyorders. Checks and normal ones are trickier to deal with. :<

lolol XD;;; She just needs some green :3
[identity profile] shadowdancer09.livejournal.com on November 21st, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
Can I put in a tentative order for necklace B? :o I still need to discuss it with my dad to make sure it's okay. ^.^; And are checks all right?
[identity profile] nalina.livejournal.com on November 21st, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
Held \o/ Checks.. are tricky. D: Usually from down there I ask for international money orders (us money orders are impossible to accept up here.)

I can double check again about checks though. Last I checked, dad told me they were troublesome to deal with. x___x Oh joys of international business. XD
tricia868: tricia868[personal profile] tricia868 on November 21st, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
necklace E, please. I'll IM you to ask about payment stuff. I don't suppose it'd be possible to get earrings with beads to match?
[identity profile] nalina.livejournal.com on November 21st, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)
Annnnd... I talked to you in IM :D ♥

Updated just info up top if you want to glance back over. :O *sob* oh international complicated stuff. XD;
tricia868: flowers (So Na)[personal profile] tricia868 on November 22nd, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
I love the new bracelet, darling. I would be tempted to snap that one up too, only for myself... except I have teeny wrists and it would be falling off. I shouldn't be spending money on myself till after Christmas anyways... Also... *reminds self of weak and constantly sore wrists* No big bracelets, damn it, no matter how much you're staring at the pretty! *continues staring*

I'm severely sleep deprived, ignore my rantings... but yes, I really like the new one.